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Code Bloat

  • Every new integration = More data models, More translations, More headache
  • Context Switching within the code whenever you have to work on a different integration
  • Use your data model for every integration.
  • Less context switching between schemas means less headache while building your app.

Streamline and simplify service calls

Take what they give

 "id": "129384703298fdsiWkdfa",
 "object": "chat.completion",
 "created": "1696041287",
 "model": "gpt-3.5-turbo",
 "choices" : [{
    "index" : 0
    "message" : {
        "role" : "assistant",
        "content" : "Mary Had a little Lamb",
    "finish_reason" : "stop"
 "usage" : {
    "prompt_tokens" : 13
    "completion_tokens" : 5
    "total_tokens" : 18


 "responses": [{
    "answer" : "Mary had a little Lamb"
 "cost": 18

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It's a Unified API that allows you to integrate with various services and use one data model. Unified API's tend to be for specific, related integrations (Think CRM or AI specific Unified API) or industries and converts their data into a single schema.

    However, Stitchly does not have these restrictions and allows you to decide the schema. This means you can call unrelated services and still use the same data model for all of them.
  • When Stitchly makes a call to your Integrating Partner, that counts as a request. If any error occurs before that call, we will not count it towards your limit.

  • We're constantly adding new features and functionality to Stitchly. If you've got a request just sign in and click the Contact Us button.
  • Shoot us an email here!

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